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Monday, September 27, 2010

Summer Holidays!

When I first created this blog my intention was to update is every other week (as a way to chronicle our memories for my boys.  Well I admit that I am a few weeks behind (well more like a few months behind).

This summer was great!  We did a whole lot of camping, which both boys love no matter what the weather.  We also decided to take a road trip-Victoria Island.  16 hour drive no problem!

We stayed in Naniamo on the island for 4 days.  We collected hundreds of crabs,  hugged some big trees, saw goats on a roof, and rode on the ferry!  I would have to say that the ferry ride was the hightlight of Vancouver Isand.
Ferry Ride

Passed out after a day at the beach
 After 4 days on the island (and Aleksanders asthma acting up, one emerg visit) we decided it was time to move on.  Penticton Bound

I have to admit it I LOVE PENTICTON.  Hot sunny days on the beach is where it is at, and with kids it is the best.  Malcolm was not sure about the ocean but he loves the lake (no sharks here, I didn't tell him about ogopogo).  We had amazing weather, plue 37 most days.  We really did spend our days on the beach!  We will definitly be heading back their next summer, but I think my husband wants a road trip to seattle.
beach bums

We had so much fun and the boys were such great travellers (Malcolm only threw up once in the car).  Even though two months have past Malcolm is still talking about the trip and Aleksander loves looking at the pics.

Fall is here and we love it!

i love you more