life with 3 boys - 1 big one and 2 small ones

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Summer came and went and now winter came and is on its way out!  I have not written an update in a very long long long time.  What can I say Life is definitely busy especially with one boy in hockey and one boy with allergies and asthma.

This summer (2011) we did a lot of camping.  We also made a trip to Drumhellar and Calgary.  Malcolm absolutly loved Drumheller!  He did a 1/2 day camp there and now I am going to surprise him with an overnight trip their in April, where we will spend the night at the museum.  Aleksander loved the Calgary zoo and all the animals.  We are now making our bucket list for this summer!!!

Malcolm started Kindergarten this year and is doing great.  He is in the French Immersion program with a fabulous teacher.  He is starting to read, adding and subtracting, but more importantly making great friends and enjoying going to school.

Hockey is coming to an end!  Aleksander will no longer be a rink rat.  Malcolm told me that Hockey was in his body and that he is going to play ever year!  He improved so much this year, we are very proud of him!  Hockey is definitly in his body!

This spring we will be doing swimming lessons with both boys.  Malcolm has informed us that soccer is just not his thing.  He might try baseball, or we might just spend some time at the park, biking and rollerblading.

Great news about Aleksander!!! He can now have eggs!!!!  He is scheduled for surgery on May 4 where he will be getting his tonsils, adenoids out and ear tubes in.  Hopefully this helps his asthma.
He makes us laugh everyday with his personality.  Just the other day he told pj "Don't you dare play with my trains", a little bit of his mama coming out in him.  He is in creative dance and loves it, we also go to gym time which is right up his alley. 

This winter pj made a hockey rink in the backyard, which aleksander can now skate on!! Malcolm loved having hockey parties their as well.  Pj also took the boys skiing this winter and aleksander did awesome and malcolm picked up where he left off.  Looking forward tot he mountains!!

love you more

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Malcolm's Birthday

Today my first born is 5!

For the past 2 months all I have been hearing is "is it my birthday yet, is it my birthday?"
For some reason he has been dying to turn 5-maybe it is because all of his cousins are 5 or older.
As for me it is bittersweet, 5 means kindergarten soon and less time with me!

#5 Your LOVE  for inforMAtion (I mean any kind of information). ie-Mama did you know that porcipines can swim underwater and that Black squirrels can hold twice as much heat as Brown ones! THanks Malcolm, now I can sleep!
#4 YOur iMagiNation-mama you can be the princess that turns into Luc Skywalker and I will be Darth Vader and after we battle we can ride our space ships to Baba's house.
#3 YoUr easygoing PerSOnality- you are happy when I am playing with you, or if I put a show on for you.
#2 YoUr Caring NatUre especially for your brother-You are always looking out for him and checking on him and telling others about his allergies.  You have never once whined or complained when I say No to things because your brother is allergic.
#1 Your Still My Baby - you are never too far from my side and I love it!  You still want my cuddles at night, morning and afternoon.

I hope you love being 5! 
HaPPy BIrthdAY mALcolM

love you more

Thursday, February 17, 2011


My BabY is 2 tODay

Today is Aleksanders Birthday
Am I sad
No, not really
I am amazed how time is flying by and
how much I enjoy being at home with my boys!

Words to describe ALEKSANDER are a bit
hard to come by
He is so different than my first
He is  definitely Himself
We have been through a lot with him, and I guess that is what makes him him!

because you are 2 today here are
2 reasons why we you lOVE you
#2. YOuR SPuNK -You are definitely a busy boy and you keep me on my toes(or should I say RUnniNg shOEs), you don't know what walk means.  If you have to go somewhere why walk when you RuN, SkIP, JuMp, HOP, GalLOp, Climb, it is way more fun-try it-next time you have to go to the washroom- skip their.  You are only two yet you can already skate, you have tried skiing, pretty much can swim-watch out CAnadA I think their is a new OlympIan!

#1.  YOuR SPiRIt- my boy, you have been poked, tested, poked again and again,  emergency room visit after emergency room visit (you face potential life threats everyday), but yet you are such a happy little boy determined (or stubborn) yes but easy going on the most part.  You love with all your heart ).  This is going to TAke you far!


(thanks Theresa for this great idea)

i love you more

Friday, February 4, 2011


I know, I know
this blog is way overdue
but what can I say
life with 2 little boys (I should say three)
is getting very busy!
(and at the end of the day I am usually fast asleep with one of them)

First things First
i went to HAWAII
actually we all went to Hawaii!
It has always been a dream of mine and with Aleksander's severe allergies and asthma
we needed someplace safe! (and I needed someplace hot)

I scrimped and saved for 2 years and we flew to Hawaii on Nov, 24.
two whole weeks of bliss!

The boys loved it, i loved it, my husband would move there
of course the boys favourite part was the pool!

(aleksander, busy as usually)
(malcolm climbing a cool tree growing on the beach)

(dorky me, i could live in the water)

One of the few pictures we managed to get as a family!

top 10 things about MAUI

10. HOT (but not too hot)
8. Easy Going (you can do something or you can nap)
7. Bubba Gump 
6. PINA COLADAS (booze is cheap)
5. Pool (3 times a day)
4. Family Friendly
 3.  Beach 

Sunday, November 7, 2010


These past couple of months have been filled with a lot of firsts.  Some have been fun, some a little sad, but all have been memorable
1st day of school
1st time riding a two wheeler
1st hockey practice
1st playdate at a schoolmates1st time swimming the length of the small pool 
1st parent teacher interview

1st new words (up, down, all done, treat, licrich, out, bath, tv, meat)
1st time jumping off the back of couch
1st time eating fish (ya!)
1st time hitting mom 

1st time giving epipen
1st parent teacher interview (where I am the parent)
1st time having aleksander and mommy time
1st time having fish in a year (Ya!)

 And in 2 weeks
1st family vacation to Hawaii

Celebrate all your fIrsTs!  

Monday, September 27, 2010

Summer Holidays!

When I first created this blog my intention was to update is every other week (as a way to chronicle our memories for my boys.  Well I admit that I am a few weeks behind (well more like a few months behind).

This summer was great!  We did a whole lot of camping, which both boys love no matter what the weather.  We also decided to take a road trip-Victoria Island.  16 hour drive no problem!

We stayed in Naniamo on the island for 4 days.  We collected hundreds of crabs,  hugged some big trees, saw goats on a roof, and rode on the ferry!  I would have to say that the ferry ride was the hightlight of Vancouver Isand.
Ferry Ride

Passed out after a day at the beach
 After 4 days on the island (and Aleksanders asthma acting up, one emerg visit) we decided it was time to move on.  Penticton Bound

I have to admit it I LOVE PENTICTON.  Hot sunny days on the beach is where it is at, and with kids it is the best.  Malcolm was not sure about the ocean but he loves the lake (no sharks here, I didn't tell him about ogopogo).  We had amazing weather, plue 37 most days.  We really did spend our days on the beach!  We will definitly be heading back their next summer, but I think my husband wants a road trip to seattle.
beach bums

We had so much fun and the boys were such great travellers (Malcolm only threw up once in the car).  Even though two months have past Malcolm is still talking about the trip and Aleksander loves looking at the pics.

Fall is here and we love it!

i love you more

Sunday, June 27, 2010

1st Camping Trip

Last weekend was our first campout of the season.  We decided to go to Churchill at Lac La Biche. 

Well it is beautiful there and I recommend it.  It is nicely treed, big stalls and beautiful beaches, and lots of hiking/biking trails.

Malcolm was so excited to be going camping, he was really jumping up and down and could not stop talking.  Within 1/2 an hour of being their Aleksander fell out of the camper and got a big bump on his head and Malcolm got his finger stuck in a flashlight somehow (I thought it was going to be broken).   There was about an hour of crying but all was healed with roasted marsmellows.

Despite the few bumps at the beginning of the weekend it was a great camping trip.  We went with another family and had a great time.  It was one of their first times camping as a family.  I hope they liked it and had fun.  The kids played great and the adults also played great.   The husbands seemed to get along,  who wouldn't get along after a few beers by a campfire.  Aleksander and Malcolm do love being in the outdoors and I am so happy that they are finding the joy in camping like my husband and I do.  We are planing are next camping trip for July 2 weekend if anyone is interested.

i love you more!