life with 3 boys - 1 big one and 2 small ones

Thursday, February 17, 2011


My BabY is 2 tODay

Today is Aleksanders Birthday
Am I sad
No, not really
I am amazed how time is flying by and
how much I enjoy being at home with my boys!

Words to describe ALEKSANDER are a bit
hard to come by
He is so different than my first
He is  definitely Himself
We have been through a lot with him, and I guess that is what makes him him!

because you are 2 today here are
2 reasons why we you lOVE you
#2. YOuR SPuNK -You are definitely a busy boy and you keep me on my toes(or should I say RUnniNg shOEs), you don't know what walk means.  If you have to go somewhere why walk when you RuN, SkIP, JuMp, HOP, GalLOp, Climb, it is way more fun-try it-next time you have to go to the washroom- skip their.  You are only two yet you can already skate, you have tried skiing, pretty much can swim-watch out CAnadA I think their is a new OlympIan!

#1.  YOuR SPiRIt- my boy, you have been poked, tested, poked again and again,  emergency room visit after emergency room visit (you face potential life threats everyday), but yet you are such a happy little boy determined (or stubborn) yes but easy going on the most part.  You love with all your heart ).  This is going to TAke you far!


(thanks Theresa for this great idea)

i love you more

Friday, February 4, 2011


I know, I know
this blog is way overdue
but what can I say
life with 2 little boys (I should say three)
is getting very busy!
(and at the end of the day I am usually fast asleep with one of them)

First things First
i went to HAWAII
actually we all went to Hawaii!
It has always been a dream of mine and with Aleksander's severe allergies and asthma
we needed someplace safe! (and I needed someplace hot)

I scrimped and saved for 2 years and we flew to Hawaii on Nov, 24.
two whole weeks of bliss!

The boys loved it, i loved it, my husband would move there
of course the boys favourite part was the pool!

(aleksander, busy as usually)
(malcolm climbing a cool tree growing on the beach)

(dorky me, i could live in the water)

One of the few pictures we managed to get as a family!

top 10 things about MAUI

10. HOT (but not too hot)
8. Easy Going (you can do something or you can nap)
7. Bubba Gump 
6. PINA COLADAS (booze is cheap)
5. Pool (3 times a day)
4. Family Friendly
 3.  Beach