life with 3 boys - 1 big one and 2 small ones

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Malcolm's Birthday

Today my first born is 5!

For the past 2 months all I have been hearing is "is it my birthday yet, is it my birthday?"
For some reason he has been dying to turn 5-maybe it is because all of his cousins are 5 or older.
As for me it is bittersweet, 5 means kindergarten soon and less time with me!

#5 Your LOVE  for inforMAtion (I mean any kind of information). ie-Mama did you know that porcipines can swim underwater and that Black squirrels can hold twice as much heat as Brown ones! THanks Malcolm, now I can sleep!
#4 YOur iMagiNation-mama you can be the princess that turns into Luc Skywalker and I will be Darth Vader and after we battle we can ride our space ships to Baba's house.
#3 YoUr easygoing PerSOnality- you are happy when I am playing with you, or if I put a show on for you.
#2 YoUr Caring NatUre especially for your brother-You are always looking out for him and checking on him and telling others about his allergies.  You have never once whined or complained when I say No to things because your brother is allergic.
#1 Your Still My Baby - you are never too far from my side and I love it!  You still want my cuddles at night, morning and afternoon.

I hope you love being 5! 
HaPPy BIrthdAY mALcolM

love you more