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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This post if for my first born.  What do say about your first born?  Life definitely takes on a different meaning after you have a child. 

Malcolm was born on May 17, 2006.  Pregnancy was great throughout.  Labour and delivery was 3 hours in total.  He was a healthy 8 pound 14 ounces of joy.  We named him Malcolm after PJ's dear friend who past away suddenly 2 months before he was born.

Malcolm was an amazing baby and at 2 months he became an amazing crier!  For about 4 months he cried every afternoon for a few hours.  Who could blame him though he suffered from reflux and would projectile vomit every time he nursed.

Other than that he was the cutest baby boy that quickly became the chubbiest, squeezable baby.  He definitely loved his mama and became quite attached to me (and still is).  He reached all his milestones just like the parenting books said he would (now with 2 kids I have no idea when which kid should be doing what).

As a toddler, Malcolm was very quiet and shy.  He stuck pretty close to me especially in new situations.  He loved playing with me-he especially loved playing with musical instruments and dancing around (this seems to be a common theme in our house-it couldn't be because I play 3 instruments and my husband can pick up an instrument and figure it out).  He also loved just being outside even in the middle of winter.  I remember one cold day he was bundled up so much he could barely move, but there was no way he was coming inside.

Malcolm just recently turned 4.  He is still  a very sweet little (actually he is huge for his age) boy.  He still prefers to be by his mama's side, but he now is not stressed when I have to leave him at his Baba's or at a friends for awhile.  He still loves music and is dying for a real drum set- I told him that the music store said that he had to be 10 years old- I am pretty sure that Pj will be coming home one day soon with a drum set (he is also dying for one too).  Malcolm is really enjoying sports too.  This past winter her learned to skate and we took him to the Mountains and went downhill skiing.  He is in soccer right now and is loving it!  Swimming is something else that we love to do and he is definitely a fish.  This winter I am sure we will be busy with hockey although I am not sure if I am ready for it.  Of all things, Malcolm's favorite activity is pretend play.  He has a pretty good imagination.  One minute we are knights, the next minute we are knights that are training jedis that are going on a mission to outer space.  Every night we have to read a book, but there is no way he is going to sleep without a story that we make up-he for sure gets all his storytelling abilities from his papa.

I try to make my boys feel special.  I always tell Malcolm that he is my favourite oldest boy.  He then tells me "I know and you are my favourite Mama"-I guess we both get to feel special.

I love you more!

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