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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Long Weekend

This weekend was the long weekend. My whole extended family came down to St. Paul-all 4 of my brothers, sister inlaws and nieces and nephews (actually one of my brother lives in St. Paul as well). Malcolm absolutely loves it when everybody comes to Baba's. He adores all his cousins and plays nonstop with them.

Friday night we had supper at Baba's and then visited. We had a little girl hop in our car and come over for a sleep over. I think it was past midnight before Ava and Malcolm finaly went to sleep. Saturday, it was off for lunch to my brother Shanes and then Malcolm and his cousin Josh went to the new Shrek movie. I must say that it was pretty funny, although I think I enjoyed eating the popcorn more. It had been 5 months since I had popcorn (we thought aleksander was allergic and I am nursing so couldn't have it). Saturday night it was back to Baba's for supper. All the kids decided that they wanted a campfire although if was freezing. That night Elle decided to jump in our car for a sleepover. On the way home, out of the blue Malcolm looks at Elle and says "I love you". Sunday was a lazy rainy day at Baba's again-lots of kids running around inside and attempting to play in the rain.
Today was a productive day at home. Pj and I planted some tree saplings, I pruned my crabapple tree and rose bush, and I worked my flower bed. After lunch we all went for a bike ride. On our way home we picked up Liam(nephew). Malcolm and Liam are now sleeping. I wonder if Liam will stay all night this time? Aleksander loved all the attention this weekend from his cousins, aunts and uncles. He is walking more and yes he is still climbing. Pj caught him trying to climb the piano!

I owe my husband an appology. The only flaw that really bugs me is the nasty tobacco habit. He is trying hard to quit, but hasn't quite gotten there yet. (I gave up diary, nuts, wheat, eggs how hard can quitting smoking be?) Other than that he is the sweetest guy there is, especially when I am busy doing things.

If you haven't noticed I have already changed my blog name. "i love you more" is a game that Malcolm and I play. It usually starts with "i love you to coop", his reply "i love you to Joshie's", and we go back and forth until Malcolm says "mama i love you more".

i love you more

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