life with 3 boys - 1 big one and 2 small ones

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Family

My first boy is my husband! I meet my husband ten years ago. We dated for 3 years and he proposed to me on Halloween, we were married 5 months later on April 5, 2003. My husband is an Occupational Therapist and works at the hospital. He is a great papa and a wonderful husband.

My two other boys are Malcolm and Aleksander. Malcolm just turned 4. He makes me laugh everyday. He loves playing pretend (or as he says tember) and we spent most days playing knights and kings, luckily I get to be the princess. He is starting to like pokemon which I really don't understand but of course we have to pretend to be pokemons and have battles. He is playing soccer and he is doing great and loving it (quite different from last year). Aleksander is 1 (15months) and is a joy. He definitly keeps me on my toes. He is just starting to walk but he is an expert climber. The other day I caught him on our kitchen table and then on our wood pile outside. He loves to make people laugh and is quite goofy. Aleksander has severe multiple food allergies (diary, nuts, eggs, chicken). It was quite challenging at first but we are adapting. The hardest part of his allergies if dealing and educating people on the how serious his allergies are (he is anaphalctic to diary and needs an epipen).

I take care of my family and my family takes care of me!

I Love you through and through boys!

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